2012 MESDA Textile Seminar hosted by Beverley and Jeffrey Evans in Mt. Crawford
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Continuing education is an important element of collecting, evaluating, and understanding decorative arts. Because of this Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates is proud to host and/or sponsor a variety of yearly educational events. These include a Virginia Decorative Arts Seminar held each June and a Fall Lecture Series each November. In addition, we are honored to support and work closely with numerous national institutions including the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), and Colonial Williamsburg
Research is also a vital part of collecting. Our staff spends countless hours diligently researching many of the objects we sell. Our Reference Bibliography section provides a listing of books, journals, and articles that our staff use and often note in our catalogue entries. You will find all of these resources very worthwhile.
The current and past seminars we have produced and/or hosted are attended by collectors and professionals from across the United States and Canada. In addition, our staff regularly attends and presents at antiques seminars including MESDA, Colonial Williamsburg, and Winterthur.
Many of our past auction catalogues and selected reference books may be purchased directly from us. In fact why not purchase one of our Jeffrey S. Evans Tote Bags to hold them all in. Merchandise purchased in person at our gallery, or shipped within the state of Virginia is subject to 5.3% sales tax. We ship Monday through Friday (except major holidays). Shipping is done either through UPS or USPS. A packing fee may apply to larger orders. You may pay though our secure online form with a MasterCard® or VISA® or with a check or money order. Please use our order form, which you may fax or mail to us. Before mailing your check or money order, please telephone or email to inquire about the cost of delivery for your order.
The Glass Industry in Sandwich, Vol. 1 by Raymond E. Barlow & Joan E. Kaiser.
B-012-V1 List $95.00 Special $20.00.
The Glass Industry in Sandwich, Vol. 2 by Raymond E. Barlow & Joan E. Kaiser.
B-012-V2 List $95.00 Special $20.00.
The Glass Industry in Sandwich, Vol. 4 by Raymond E. Barlow & Joan E. Kaiser.    
B-012-V4 List $95.00 Special $20.00.
The Glass Industry in South Boston by Joan E. Kaiser.
B-013 List $85.00. Special $20.00.


"A Great Deal of Stone & Earthen Ware" by Jeffrey S. Evans & Scott H. Suter.
B-005 $25.00. Exclusive distributor.
Opening The Door: Safes of the Shenandoah Valley by Kurt C. Russ & Jeffrey S. Evans. Click picture for review.
B-014. $44.95.
Alexandria, Virginia Pottery 1792-1876 by Eddie L. Wilder.
List price $95.00
Special $65.00.
Exclusive distributor.
Virginia Silversmiths, Jewelers, Clocks- and Watchmakers, 1607-1860, Their Lives and Marks by Catherine B. Hollan.
B-008 $100.00.   
Special $60.00
Counterpanes and White Work of the
Shenandoah Valley by Beverley A. & Jeffrey S. Evans.
B-009 $8.95. 
Exclusive distributor.



Bernhart & Company: Shenandoah Valley Folk Art Fraktur (1774-1850) by The Heritage Museum.
B-101 $24.99.
The Curious History of the Bulb Vase by Patricia Coccoris.
B-012 $59.95. 
Exclusive U.S. distributor.
The Furniture of
Charleston 1680-1820,
3 Vol. Set by Bradford L.
Rauschenberg & John
Bivins, Jr.        
B-015 List $300.00
Special $45.00
The John & Lil Palmer Americana Collection, April 5, 2014 Auction Catalogue. 
List Price $45.00 
Special $10.00.
The Pillar Mold Collection of Lyn and Gordon Layton, September 26, 2009 Auction Catalogue. AC-027 $10.00.


The Joan E. Kaiser Collection of Sandwich and Related Glass, May 22, 2017 Auction Catalogue.
List Price $30.00 
Special $10.00.
Come In and Have a Seat: Vernacular Chairs of the Shenandoah Valley by Jeffrey S. Evans.
B-006 $24.95.
Mt. Washington & Pairpoint Glass, Volume One by Kenneth M. Wilson.
B-002 $95.00.
Tradition & Fashion -Cabinetmaking in the Upper Shenandoah Valley, 1850-1900 by Scott H. Suter.
B-001 $8.00.
Pottery from the Shenandoah and Cumberland Valleys by Dr. George and Connie Manger.
B-007 $40.00.



AC-025 2007, November 11: The Cup Plate Collection of Anne & the late Leon Powell $10.00
AC-024 2007, November 10: Antiques, Americana & Decorative Arts $10.00
AC-023 2007, May 18-19: Early American Glass & Lighting $10.00
AC-022 2007, March 24: Antiques & Americana: The Mac & Dolly McKenney Collection $10.00
AC-021 2006, September 26-Oct 1: Early American Glass $10.00
AC-020 2006, May 19-21: Early American Glass $10.00
AC-019 2005, September 24: Early American Glass $10.00
AC-018 2005, April 30: Early American Glass $10.00
AC-017 2004, September 23-26: Early American Glass $10.00
AC-016 2004, May 1: Early Lighting: The Herbert A. Leflet, Jr. Collection $10.00
AC-015 2004, April 30-May 1: Early American Glass $10.00
AC-014 2003, September 28: Early American Lighting $10.00
AC-013 2003, September 25-27: Early American Glass $10.00
AC-012 2003, May 13: English Ceramics $10.00
AC-011 2003, May 12: Early American Glass $10.00
AC-010 2003, January 31-Feb 1: Victorian & EAPG $10.00
AC-009 2002, September 26-28: Early American Glass $10.00
AC-008 2002, May 10-11: Early American Glass & English Ceramics $10.00
AC-007 2001, September 27-29: Early American Glass, Oil & Fluid Lamps $10.00
AC-006 2001, May 18-19: Victorian Period Glass & Lighting $10.00
AC-005 2000, September 29-30: Early American Glass, Oil & Fluid Lamps $10.00
AC-004 2000, May 21: Early Glass & Ceramics $10.00
AC-003 1999,October 1-2: Early American Glass, Oil & Fluid Lamps $10.00
AC-002 1999, June 5: Staffordshire Figures- Dolores Kritzer estate $10.00
AC-001 1998, October 2-4: Pattern Glass, Oil & Fluid Lamps $10.00