Submit a Consignment Request

Please complete our form for a consignment request, in your response please give as much information as possible regarding your consignment. Also, be sure to attach photos as this helps our specialist properly identify your items. Once we review your photos, we will contact you to discuss the next appropriate step via email. Please advise this can take up to 10 business days.

*Appointments are required for bringing items to our gallery location for consignment.*

A pre-auction estimate may be provided as part of the consignment process. This is not an appraised value, but an estimate of what we believe your merchandise may bring at public auction in our venue. Estimates are based on past-sale history of similar items, current market trends, condition, age, provenance, etc.

The majority of our items are sold without reserve, therefore, if you are expecting a certain return on a particular item, please voice this during the evaluation process. If we feel that your expectation is unattainable at auction, we may suggest another avenue.

Provenance (the history of the ownership of an object) is an extremely important factor to many collectors and dealers. Solid documented provenance can result in a bid price that is several times higher than that which a comparable item without provenance may bring. If any of your items carry provenance, please mention this information in your initial contact with us. Documentation supporting the provenance may be required in order to include the information in the catalogue.


Once it is determined that your merchandise is appropriate for one of our auctions, and you would like to consign your items to us, the next step is to complete a consignment contract.

Consigned property is inventoried and transferred to our care via a signed consignment agreement/contract. If necessary, a more detailed inventory will be made during the cataloguing process. By consigning your items with us, you are declaring that you are the rightful owner of the property. All consigned property is fully insured while in our care.

Auction Promoting & Advertising

We prefer to have consigned property in our possession at least two to three months prior to the auction to ensure that the merchandise is properly researched and photographed, and that it receives the proper exposure to potential clients, both institutional and private.

Every year Jeff & Beverley Evans travel extensively to participate in and attend national glass and antiques shows and seminars in order to showcase select lots and promote upcoming auctions. Venues have included the Colonial Williamsburg Antiques forum, MESDA furniture seminars, the annual National American Glass Club seminar, the annual Westchester Glass show in Greenwich, CT, and the Sandwich Glass Museum glass show in Sandwich, MA, The New York Ceramics and Glass Fair, Americana Week in NYC, and Antiques Week in NH.

In addition to the national and international exposure we receive as a result of our web and Internet auction catalogues, we also advertise in major antiques trade periodicals such as Antiques & Fine Art, The Magazine Antiques, Antique Week, Maine Antiques Digest, and Antiques and the Arts Weekly (Newtown Bee), and promote our auctions through various collector’s clubs utilizing their mailing lists (when authorized), as well as our own auction client mailing lists. Contact us to receive samples of our promotional mailings.

All of our catalogues are offered on the internet via our website and on LiveAuctioneers and Invaluable.

Procurement of Consignment

Personal Delivery by Consignor: Please contact us to make arrangements to deliver your consignment at a mutually convenient time.

Shipping to Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates: Please contact us prior to shipping any items to us. To afford the best possible protection, we recommend that all glass and fragile items be carefully cushioned with bubble-wrap or other acceptable padding material and double-boxed with at least 3 inches of space between the inner and outer boxes. We are not responsible for items that are damaged due to improper packaging.

Pick up by Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates: If you cannot bring or ship your items to us, please ask about the possibility of a pick-up. We have traveled across the United States and to Canada to pick up consignments for auction. We are happy to provide a firm quote for this additional packing and pick up service.


We are well known for providing detailed catalogued descriptions of our auctioned lots. Each catalogued lot is thoroughly inspected for imperfections and/or restoration during the cataloguing process, and unlike many auction houses, we guarantee all items to be in the condition noted in our catalogue. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the merchandise we handle allows us to produce one of the most trusted and respected auction catalogues in the business.

At the auctioneer’s discretion, certain articles may be grouped with other similar items from the same consignor to form an attractive single lot. Uncatalogueed and choice/block lot sessions will be considered when deemed beneficial to the collection

In addition to the online catalogue, we produce full-color printed catalogues for special collections.

Consignor Settlement

Consignor settlement is provided within 30 days of the end of the auction (i.e. within 30 days of the last day of a multiple-day auction), and mailed to the address on your consignment contract. Settlement includes a guaranteed check and complete itemization of items sold.

On rare occasions when we have not collected payment from the winning bidder in time for consignor settlement, your consignment check will not include payment for the unpaid items. Any such items will be identified in your settlement documentation. We may extend the payment period, not to exceed an additional 30 days, in order to make further attempts at collecting the monies owed. If our attempts are ultimately unsuccessful, you will have the option to have the merchandise returned to you or to resell the item(s) in the next appropriate auction, as determined by the auctioneer.

Each auction generally involves multiple consignors, therefore, please allow the full 30 days for us to complete the settlement process. We appreciate your patience