Counterpanes and White Work of the Shenandoah Valley By Beverly A. and Jeffrey S. Evans


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  • Format: Softcover, 24 pages
  • Publisher: Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates, Inc. (2012)
  • ISBN: 0000589031-846200

This black and white, fully illustrated, 24-page softbound book is the accompanying catalogue for the Virginia Quilt Museum exhibit of the same name, for which Jeff and Beverley Evans served as guest curators. The catalogue includes photographs and research notes for each of the eight examples showcased in the exhibit along with a detailed essay and bibliography. The exhibit ran from February 1 through May 12, 2012 at the VQM in Harrisonburg, VA.

“The popularity of white-work textiles in the urban regions of the United States endured from the 1790s to the 1830s; however, in the rural areas, especially the Southern backcountry, the tradition lasted until the turn of the 20th century.”

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