Competing Bids

As an active auction participant, you may be in direct competition with absentee bidders (those who placed bids prior to the start of the auction) and/or those who are bidding "LIVE" in real time while the auction is in progress.

Absentee bidders include anyone who has submitted bids directly with our auction house either in person, by fax or mail, or through our website (powered by Auction Flex), and anyone who has placed absentee bids with us through Invaluable and/or LiveAuctioneers.

The deadline to place absentee bids through our website is always two hours before the auction begins. Registered floor bidders may submit absentee bids at the front desk at any point during the auction. Invaluable and LiveAuctioneers registered bidders may place absentee bids while the auciton is in progress.

NOTE: Although you may be the high bidder when the absentee bidding closes, once the auction begins two hours later, your absentee bid may be in competition with bids from "LIVE" bidders.

"LIVE" bidders include active in-house participants or "floor bidders" who are physically present at our auction gallery AND anyone who is bidding remotely during the auction by telephone, or by computer (powered by Invaluable and/or LiveAuctioneers).

LiveAuctioneers defines a "Competing Bid" as someone who is "physically participating at the auction venue". However, since LiveAuctioneers cannot know if our bidder is here in the gallery or bidding by telephone, or if the auctioneer is actually executing an absentee bid (one that was not placed through their system), "On-Site Bidder" technically refers to any non-LiveAuctioneers bidder. The same is true for an Invaluable "Floor Bidder".